Future Shock – Heavy Rock from London

Future Shock is a heavy rock band born in the early 2011 in London, UK.

The band, which features Andy Basiola on guitar, Luka “Twitch” Ravase on vocals, Gus Macricostas on bass and brazilian drummer Arnaldo Rogano is intended to re-introduce the power and the vitality of 80’s and 90’s rock music with a personal touch that surely won’t disappoint you.

The band has released their first Self titled EP in 2011, produced by Mel Gabbitas , mixed and mastered by Atila Ardanuy .
In August 2013 Future Shock recorded their debut album, which they released in 2014. The album was produced and mixed by Phil Kinman.

In Future Shock you’ll find, not only outstanding musicianship, but also unique melodies and groovy riffs that will immediately make you stomp your foot.

If you love rock music have a listen to what we do.

Find us here: