MARDUK’s New Song “Werwolf” Will Rip Your Head Off

Marduk, march 2012
Left to right: Devo, Mortuus, Lars, Morgan

Marduk is doing absolutely no fucking around with their new song “Werwolf.” The track is two minutes long, totally relentless in every regard, and could possibly be the anthem to the apocalypse pending that happens sometime today. It’s also Marduk, so you should’ve expected savagery like that.

Personally, I love that “Werwolf” is only two minutes long. Black metal returning to its short bursts of blind rage composition-wise is almost never a bad thing, and Marduk has been around long enough to know how to do it right.

Marduk’s new album Viktoria is the band’s first album in three years and is due out June 22. You can pre-order the album here exclusively as a limited edition vinyl or a killer CD box set.

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