MARK MORTON Delivers An ANESTHETIC Without Losing Feeling Or Emotion

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ANESTHETIC is obviously a depature from Lamb Of God, what was your motivation to be removed from what you’ve known and done as bread and butter for long and seek the solo collaborative road…? “I wasn’t setting out to write a solo album…When I write music I write down what’s knocking around between my ears. And sometimes that winds up being heavy metal that is good enough to be used in Lamb Of God or sometimes I write something that can’t be categorised but I will still work on that nonetheless!”

Mark Morton discusses deeper the process of writing and recording his debut solo album and continues…“I started getting a collection of songs that clearly weren’t going to work into the frame work of Lamb Of God but that I still wanted to develop and still wanted to work with. So once I started getting a collection of these songs together…once I had a selection of songs that were outside of the metal frame work I gave the songs a concept and a destination.” 

Metal V and Mark chat closely on what it was like writing and recording the incredible song “Cross Off” with the late and amazing talent of Chester Bennington (R.I.P.). Collaborators and guests also touched on are Mark Lanegan, Testament’s Chuck Billy, Jacoby Shaddix, Josh Todd and Myles Kennedy and the pair close ou the chat by about the appearance on ANESTHETIC of one Mr. Randy Blythe and the organic nature of his contribution.

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