Scar Divine – Eyes Blind

Scar Divine was formed in 2010 and is the personal project of a George”gt”Stergiou (Stuka Squadron/Alexa De Strange). The band features Constantly Magdalinos (Jade Vine) on the vocals, Dimitris Xekalakis (Hybris/Reverse Split) on the drums, Jamie Stungo in the guitar and Fred Lesser on the bass. The band got together after the attempts of George wanting to release his own bands album. The debut album features 8 songs. On Neverland we have a guest guitar solo from Emir Hot and on Blue from Matthew Petropoulos. In early 2010 days Matthew was the guitarist in the band and then due to his departure for Greece Jamie Stungo joined forces. Due to the hectic schedule and other commitments the plan was set to rest for a hike until finally the album got mixed and mastered by Richard Whittaker (The Who, Black Sabbath, Rolling Stones). Once the album was uploaded on Reverbnation it climbed up the top #10 metal charts for London pretty fast reaching #2 and #13 in the UK. The band has been characterized by the fans as a thrash band, although there are a lot of heavy metal/ prog elements.

Song list:

1. Neverland
2. Code Red
3. 480B.C. – The War
4. Still Out There
5. Eyes Blind
6. Blue (instrumental)
7. Love…What Love…
8. Still Out There – Reprise

Download Eyes Blind through the link below. It’s free, just send a tweet.