The Ravens! – New pitch-black stars of the underground London rock circuit

The band’s beginnings lie in the chance meeting of drummer Jimmy Pallagrosi and guitarist Robbie Pinna (aka Pinnetto) during a brief term of session work for Ebony Bones.

Through the duo’s energy and the passion they immediately acknowledged a creative chemistry and a push to pursue their own original material. After a seminal first practice the next stone was lain when Jimmy recruited bassist Cheryl Pinero (The Go! Team, Queen Kwong) whilst on set of the hit game Guitar Hero. Vocalist Giulia Poppy, formerly of You Love Her Coz She’s Dead, round out the quartet – providing Jimmy and Pinnetto with the backbone and voice to solidify The Ravens!. With a sound straddling the lines of post-punk and riff-heavy rock and an aesthetic to honour them both, The Ravens! invoke the haunting clean melodies of acts such a Echo and the Bunnymen and Happy House era Souxsie and the Banshees, whilst focusing a new vision on early rock riffs such as the wailing effects ladened leads of Queens of the Stone Age so effortlessly executed. The Ravens! single, Fire, boasts rhythms and hooks in abundance and creates an undeniably cathartic tone. Now in the process of promoting their first E.P and catching the flame whilst it is still burning, this celebration of the rock and revolt looks set to permeate throughout the rest of their work.





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