This Website Will Show You Your Dream Rock Festival — Kerrang!

Can you imagine a rock and metal festival based on your own favorite bands? A field of fans, all cheering, screaming, and throwing up the horns for the most important artists that changed your life? Well, thanks to the advent of modern technology and a few cheeky programmers, now you can see exactly what that would look like.

There is now a web app that takes your Spotify streaming habits and turns the data into your own personal fantasy music festival: It’s called Festify, and if you log in with your Spotify credentials, you can get your own results. And in case your listening habits have drastically changed in recent times, you can see your festival based on the last month, the last six months, or all-time listening.

Here’s the one we generated from Kerrang!’s Spotify account:

Kerrang Spotify Fest

Holy shit. Can you imagine? Close your eyes for a second and picture Lemmy, Chris Cornell, Keith Flint, and Chester Bennington — still alive and with us — all sharing a stage together. Maybe they’d perform a song together? What would that even sound like?

Not to mention, Black Sabbath, Slayer, Motorhead, and Metallica — the foundations of metal as we know it — all together in one place. It’s truly the dream. We wonder what Nine Inch Nails would play — some of us prefer the newer stuff, while some of us are purists who like Pretty Hate Machine and Broken best. What antics would Marilyn Manson pull? Would Laura Jane Grace do a collaboration set with Bilie Joe? Most importantly, would Dave Grohl serve barbecue at the after party?!

The possibilities are endless, and we’re going to be dreaming about it all day long.

What would yours look like? Let us know on Twitter.

Posted on April 12th 2019, 7:16pm

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